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3 X poster award at UKAS for AMGC’ers

  • April 23, 2022

This week at the UK Archaeological Science Conference (UKAS) held in Aberdeen, UK, AMGC researchers: Carina GerritzenEllie Stamataki and Dr. Hannah James all 3 received an award for their poster presentation. 

Congratulations to these three fantastic researchers - We are so fortunate to have such great PhD students and post-docs working with us at AMGC. 

Carina poster title: Unlocking the full potential of Sr isotopes (87Sr/86Sr; ∂88Sr) in bioarchaeology

Carina award

Ellie poster title: Cremated bones reveal secrets: Investigating the differences in cremation conditions between the Metal Ages and the Roman period in Belgium using FTIR-ATR and carbon and oxygen isotope analyses

Ellie award


Hannah poster title: Strontium in Portugal: merging datasets to create a robust strontium baselineHannah award

See Hannah celebration video on Twitter