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AMGC Seminars 2020



Seminars with external speakers will be once a month
on the 10th floor, building F, room 720, ALL WELCOME.

For more information, contact Ines Tomasek.


Thursday January 30 - 4 PM

Prof. Lourdes Fernández Díaz
Dept. Crystallography & Mineralogy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid:
Crystallization in gels: Application to mineralogic, biomineralogic and environmental problems


Friday March 6 - 11 AM (cancelled)

Prof. Toni Schulz
Dept. of Lithospheric Research, University of Vienna, Austria
Institut für Geologie und Mineralogie, University of Cologne, Germany
Decoding Earth's oxygenation history and the chemical evolution of Precambrian seawater -
coupled Fe-Os isotope signatures in Banded Iron Formations


Thursday March 12 - 4 PM

Prof Olivier Namur
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven:
The effect of the crust on the differentiation of basaltic magma


Thursday April 9 - 4 PM (cancelled)

Marie Sforna
Early life lab, University of Liège


Friday April 24 - 11 AM (cancelled)

Dr. Huifang Xu
Dept. of Geoscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison:
Day and night cycles make impossible possible:
a case study of sedimentary magnesite formation
through dis-equilibrium geochemical processes


Thursday May 7 - 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Martin D. Suttle
Natural History Museum, London:
Water on asteroids in the early Solar System:
perspectives from the study of cosmic dust


Thursday May 28 - 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Prof. Graham Shileds
UCL Earth Sciences, University College London:
Possible effects of evaporite weathering and deposition on oxygen and climate


Thursday June 11 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Ying Zhou

UCL Earth Sciences, University College London:
Isotopic evidence for the early ending of the boring billion


Thursday August 27 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Marion Peral:

Paleothermometers over the last 2Ma

Dr. Marta Marchegiano

Reconstructing paleoclimate: the power of ostracods


Thursday September 3, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Rachel Spros:

Make-up of the City’ project

Elisavet Stamataki (MARI-HARP-VUB): 

Death and Fire: Investigating changes and specialisation in cremation practices in Belgium during the Metal Ages (*FWO interview prep)


Thursday September 10, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Fiona Thiessen

Reconstructing the impact history of the Moon with the help of lunar zircon and phosphates


Thursday 17 September, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Naomi Saunders 

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, USA

Stable Ni isotope heterogeneity in the terrestrial mantle


Thursday 24 September, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Prof. Matthieu Kervyn & Roos van Wees :

Physical Geography (FARD), DGGF - VUB

EVOLVE: quantifying and modelling long term growth and erosion of volcanoes

Dr. Pierre-Yves Tournigand:

Physical Geography (FARD), DGGF - VUB

Variability of explosive volcanic eruptions: interdependence of source morphology and eruptive style


Thursday 1 October, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Vendula Smolikova:

Development and evaluation of DGT as a long-term monitoring tool for uranium at an industrial site of Tricastin, France

Besarta Matranxhi:

The triboreactor as breakthrough remediation strategy for safeguarding human and environmental health


Thursday 8 October, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Rhy McMillan

Indigenous-led investigations of ancient lithic resource use in the Pacific Northwest: extensive volcaniclastic toolstone sources (re)discovered in Sts’ailes territory, southwestern British Columbia


Thursday 15 October, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar) - CANCELLED!

Prof. Pierre Delmelle 

Université catholique de Louvain, BE

Volcanic explosive eruptions emit less carbon than what their tephra deposits sequestrate in soils


Thursday 22 October, 4 PM CET (Teams Webinar)

Stefanie Van Rysseghem (R&D, VUB)

Introduction to PURE


Thursday 29 October, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Paul Wallace (G-Time, ULB):

Dynamics of magma ascent during lava dome eruptions: effusive-explosive activity (CANCELLED)

Dr. Sam Poppe (G-Time, ULB)

Coupling laboratory experiments and analytical models of magma-induced deformation: an outlook


Thursday 5 November, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Vincent Perrot

Tools to assess keys parameters affecting Hg biogeochemical cycle in the environment


Thursday 12 November, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Marie Sforna

University of Liège

Tracking early metabolisms in the rock record with metals


Thursday 19 November, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Prof. Benoit Smets

VUB Department of Geography & Royal Museum for Central Africa

Dynamics and evolution of lava lake systems: insights from the largest persistent lava lake on Earth



Dr. Niels de Winter:

Absolute mid- to high latitude temperature seasonality during greenhouse climates: Agreement between climate models and clumped isotope analysis in bivalve shells



Dr. Natacha Brion:

Potential urban mining of gold in wastewaters (SUBLIMUS project): Distribution and fluxes of metals in Brussels domestic wastewaters and sludge


Thursday 17 December, 4 PM CET (Zoom Webinar)

Dr. Alexandra Rodler

Austrian Archaeological Institute and Academy of Sciences, AT

Trade in ancient pigments through the lens of geochemistry