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Dr. Frits Heinrich

FWO, postdoctoral researchers



Frits Heinrich is an agricultural historian and (ethno)archaeobotanist; among his main interests are Roman agriculture and Egyptian agriculture. He is affiliated with both the research group Analytical, Environmental and Geo-Chemistry (AMGC, Department of Chemistry) and the research group Social and Cultural Food Studies (FOST, Department of History) and his interdisciplinary research focuses on the intersection between archaeobotany, (agricultural) history and biochemistry. His current FWO-funded project focuses on the stable isotope chemistry (mainly C and N, with a focus on manuring and plant water status) and the nutritional biochemistry of desiccated archaeological plant remains from Graeco-Roman Egypt. As an archaeobotanist Frits is currently involved in various international archaeological fieldwork projects on sites in Egypt, Sudan and Jordan, where he also conducts ethnobotanical research. He furthermore has an interest in quantitative approaches to documentary papyri, primarily from the New Kingdom to the Graeco-Roman period.


  • PhD in History – Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2019)
  • MSc in Archaeological Science – Brasenose College, University of Oxford (2012)
  • Research MA in Archaeology –University of Groningen (2011)
  • BA in Archaeology – University of Groningen (2010)
  • BA in History – University of Groningen (2009)


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels