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EVOLVE: quantifying and modelling long term growth and erosion of volcanoes

Thursday 24 September, 4 PM CET

Prof. Matthieu Kervyn & Roos van Wees

ABSTRACT: Volcanoes are highly dynamic geomorphological features which grow through eruptions and erode rapidly. Although the fact that volcano landscapes change on short (1 – 10² yr) or long-term (10^5 - 10^6 yr) is evident, these processes and their controlling factors remains poorly constrained. Our new eVoLvE project funded by FWO aims to employ novel analogue and numerical models of landscape evolution with the fractal characterization of volcano shapes to develop a comprehensive model of long-term volcano morphology evolution. This project will lead to the integration of constructive and destructive processes into a single numerical model simulating long-term volcanic landscape evolution and enabling a better interpretation of current volcano morphologies.

In this presentation we will introduce the rational of the eVoLvE project based on past research and introduce the researchers that will develop this project over the next four years.