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Geological Society of America Special Papers 542 is out

  • August 15, 2019

Manuscripts online at

87Sr/86Sr record from the Lower Cretaceous pelagic Maiolica limestone (Central Apennines, Italy) and its offset from the global seawater reference curve 
By Joke Belza; Walter Alvarez; Frank Vanhaecke; Philippe Claeys. DOI:

Multiproxy Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary event stratigraphy: An Umbria-Marche basinwide perspective 
By Matthias Sinnesael; Alessandro Montanari ; Fabrizio Frontalini; Rodolfo Coccioni; Jérôme Gattacceca; Christophe Snoeck; Wencke Wegner;
Christian Koeberl; Leah E. Morgan; Niels J. de Winter; Donald J. DePaolo; Philippe Claeys. DOI:

Expansion breccias in Lower Cretaceous Apennine pelagic limestones: I. Geological observations 
By Walter Alvarez; Joke Belza; Lung S. Chan; Philippe Claeys; Peter Geiser; Marco Menichetti; David H. Shimabukuro; 
Enrico Tavarnelli. DOI:

Expansion breccias in Lower Cretaceous Apennine pelagic limestones: II. Geochemical constraints on their origin 
By Joke Belza; Walter Alvarez; Enrico Tavarnelli; Frank Vanhaecke; Jen-Marc Baele; Philippe Claeys. DOI:

Major contribution from former PhD student Joke Belza, now researcher at Ghent University.