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AMGC was very well represented at the Geochemistry of Earth Surface meeting this July in Zurich with 4 poster presentations. 



Rebecca Zurich Dr. Rebecca Doyle presented a poster titled: New 14000-year ostracod record from Lake Simcoe (Canada) tracks input of glacial meltwater relative temperature changes and source of inorganic carbon
Dr. Marion Peral presented a poster titled: What do combination of Mg/Ca, clumped (Δ47) and conventional (δ18O) stable isotope in planktonic foraminifera tell us about the mid-Pleistocene transition Marion Zurich
Vendula Zurich Dr. Vendula Smolikova presented a poster titled: Unravelling the mysteries of As in de Zenne river (Belgium), sources, distribution, geochemistry and bioavailability. 
Dr. Lawrence Percival presented a poster titled: Weathering of Paranà-Etendeka basalts as the trigger of climate and environmental change during the Valanginian "Weissert Event" Lawrence Zurich