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GSA Bulletin paper on Chicxulub

  • July 18, 2021

In this paper, titled "Formation of the crater suevite sequence from the Chicxulub peak ring: A petrographic, geochemical and sedimentological characterization", recently published in Geological Society of America Bulletin, Pim Kaskes, FWO PhD fellow, describes the thick suevite sequences (~ 100 m) present on top of the peak-ring of the Chicxulub crater (Yucatan), which formation, 66 millions years ago, triggered the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction and the demise of the dinosaurs. Pim als proposes a model for the emplacement of this suevite unit during and shortly after the formation of the crater, read it all here.

This is part of AMGC work on the core drilled in 2016, by IODP & ICDP within the Chicxulub crater in Yucatán, supported by FWO and BELSPO.

Chix paper 


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