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In the News paper on finding more Antarctic meteorites

  • January 27, 2022


Machine learning helps find Antarctic meteorites, new paper by PhD student Veronica Tollenaar (@FNRS) and Dr. Harry Zekollari in Science Advances read it here in open access. A fine collaboration @ULBruxelles, @VUBrussel, @TUdelft. 


Antarctica in the best place to find meteorites, we have been collecting them there since 2009 with Japanese colleagues. This new paper shows that perhaps another 300,000 meteorites are waiting for us on the ice fields of the South Pole. 

Help find them at

Or check this website to understand where they occur, and read about it in VUB Today

You can also read about it in the medias: NBC News; VRT news; De StandaardHLN; NieuwsbladFrance 24; La libre BelgiqueInverse; Popular Science,  Numerama etc. 

American Geophysical Union (AGU) EOS magazine wrote about it.

Machine learning to find meteorites