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Mercury deposition during the Holocene in the Andes: Deciphering climatic and anthropogenic contribution

Thursday 11th March, 4 PM CET

Dr. Stéphane Guédron 

Abstract: Most of the metal deposition paleo-studies using environmental archives in South America have focused on the human imprint of ancient civilization (e.g., Tiwanaku, Mochica and Inca cultures) and colonial metallurgy. However, climate change along the Holocene has played a significant role in the recycling of atmospheric Hg throughout the changes in South American monsoon intensity which is itself driven by the AMOC and the ITCZ shifts. This presentation will explore the role of climate forcing on the regional recycling of mercury in the high altitude Andean altiplano through historical reconstruction performed in peat and lake sediments, using mercury accumulation rates and isotopes combined with multiple  (in)organic proxies.