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New Antarctic Meteorites

  • February 2, 2020

Professor Steven Goderis from AMGC was in charge of the 2019-2020 Belgian mission to Antarctica that collected meteorite from the Nansen Ice field, near Princess Elisabeth station. The international mission was composed also of Dr. Hamed Pourkhorsandi (ULB), Professor Naoki Shirai (Tokyo Metropolitan University) and Professor Mehmet Yesiltas (Kirklareli University, in Turkey). The conditions were difficult on the elevated plateau of the Nansen Ice field; temperatures reach -45 C, and the winds are strong and very cold. The team drives around on skidoos in a V-shaped formation to search for black meteorite on white ice. The new samples recovered this year are fantastic, with several rare meteorites, such as achrondrites and carbonaceous chondrites. Each new meteorite found teaches us about the evolution of the early solar system and the formation of planets. Lots of work ahead for AMGC and its partners, thanks Steven, great job. 

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