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Prof. Dr. François Fripiat

Professor of Paleoceanography and Glaciology ULB, Visiting & international researchers


Professor of Paleoceanography and Glaciology, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Francois Fripiat was a post-doc with AMGC 2014 - 2017

François Fripiat is a glaciologist, oceanographer and paleoclimatologist. His research project uses state of the art geochemical approaches to study: (i) atmospheric chemistry during the Anthropocene, using high-resolution ice cores, (ii) life in extreme environments and associated biogeochemical dynamics (i.e., sea ice and subglacial environments), and (iii) Southern Ocean overturning from the Pleistocene Ice Ages to the modern ocean, implications for atmospheric CO2 and the cryosphere. He will be responsible for teaching “The Earth System and its Interactions” and “Paleoclimatology” for the Master of Environmental Science and Management, Geography, Geology and Environmental Bioengineering at ULB.

He is currently the co-chair of the SCOR (Scientific Committee for Oceanic Research) working group ECV-Ice and in the steering committee of BEPSII research network (supported by SOLAS, CLiC, and SCAR).